"The Universe is not so big anymore..."
     Space Odyssey is a free online space MMORPG game involving empire building, player vs. player intense action, galaxy combat, fleet management, spaceship fleet customization, planet development and planetary combat, planetary terraforming and genesis, Galaxy exploration and combat, resource management, orbital space stations, role playing character development, mercenary contracts, special items, pirate activity, alien invasions, role playing special abilities, free markets, and lots of fun!

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     In the near future the space travel is a very normal thing. However inter-galaxy travel is not. All the galaxy was explored by the major races in search for resouces. The races who had no defence against attacks from space were all wiped out to make room for the population of the more powerful races...
     The lack of space lead to a total galaxy war. The discovery of the Stelar Convertor, a weapon capable of destroying entire planets lead to another kind of war. A total annihilation war. Soon, there were few planets left in the galaxy...
     There was a massive evacuation of all population from planets who were still standing, seeking refuge in space, in large motherships.This resulted in the consumption of nearly all resouces in the galaxy, asteroid sights were very rare. The only thing sustaining the races of the galaxy were the stars, the cooling of one or a supernova, that would attract the fleets who would battle for resources.
     The galaxy was now populated only by fleets who continued the fight for survival.
     Only a handful of races, the most powerful, will survive this journey.
     Time was running out for all of them...
     You will play the role of a mothership commander, building and fighting to become powerful enough to dominate the other races.
     You don't have to download anything in order to play. You only need a browser for Space Odyssey. You can play from anywhere and it's free for all. There are frequent updates, add-ons and support for new players. Intense PvP, empire building, character development, ship designing and building, galaxy exploration, intriguing items, technology research, cool PvE and lots of fun are awaiting!

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